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Let’s stand up together against excessive sitting!

Seat Guard is a product of Office Beat Oy protected
by a utility model patent.


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Birth of the product and the inventors behind it:

I am Rose-Marie Backström an entrepreneur, single mother of two young girls and an multitasking woman with a lot to take care of. 
I mostly work from home and sit for long hours on the computer or talking on the phone, and easily sat up to 4 hours straight, without getting up even once.

My boyfriend Juha Starck often said “come on beib, get up for a while, you have been sitting there for hours”

After another long day of sitting, he said, “Oh, really now….. there should be a beeper under your bum, so you realize to get up” I said “YES! you are absolutely right.” Our first thought was to buy a product like this, but after a long search, we could not find any. That’s how we got the idea, and started to develop Seat Guard. It has been a long process but well worth the time.

Today, both daughters use Seat Guard at home while doing homework, listening to music, or playing on the computer. It has become natural for them to use Seat Guard, as a reminder of time and rise from the seat every 30 minutes.

We’ve all noticed that after using Seat Guard for a while, it teaches your internal clock and your body to notice time spent sitting. If you are at a meeting or elsewhere where you don’t have a Seat Guard in use, you will automatically start to feel the need to rise for a moment to straighten your legs or to stretch.
Seat Guard has helped us to be more active and more aware of time passing. As a mother, I am pleased to have developed an easy way to teach our children, to stay more healthy by avoiding too much sitting